National Standards are already working

I?received?an email on the tipline from a reader about National Standards. I asked permission to post it.

Dear Cameron

My Daughter goes a public school in Auckland and they have always been positive about National standards and we get a breakdown of how the school is going. It is written in plain English and it doesn?t hide anything.

What I like is that after the first round of national standards they identified that they wanted to improve the performance of boys so they set a specific target to achieve that. This is exactly why standards are needed to highlight areas of improvement so that they can be improved.

The Ministry of Education must be very happy as this shows that in the first year of standards schools can implement the standards with minimal fuss and bother. It really highlights how inept the schools that are having trouble implementing the standards are.

National Standards are working and producing good results. The Unions should be ashamed of creating a massive amount of hysteria over nothing. National Standards are easy to understand, fantastic for parents and will improve the quality of our education system.