National's list ranking, Ctd – Blokefest

Watch the lefties go mental about the blokefest that was highlighted repeatedly on this blog. National didn’t really need a headline like this one in stuff, but they have got what they deserved.

There will be apologists saying National select the best person etc, which is all very well but there are several best persons who, in my view, aren’t any good at all and were selected.

The failure to bring good new women candidates into safe National seats and into safe list positions demonstrates the absolute failure of the much vaunted candidates college. The College scarcely met, and there was no aggressive recruitment of good candidates from around New Zealand. The president, who is ultimately responsible, dithered around like a silly old hen, more concerned with his own little problems with females, and never got around to organising it until it was far too late to get good women into caucus. There was no shoulder tapping of good women, and this has let everyone down.

At this rate it looks like National will have fewer women in caucus after the election than before. Another act of strategic stupidity.