National's List Ranking, Ctd – Congratulations Nikki Kaye

One of the most noticeable features of the list is the ascent of Nikki Kaye from 58 last time to 33 this time.

I’m not a fan of Nikki?s politics as she is a sopping wet liberal who likes spending other peoples money on pet projects. What I do like about Nikki is that she is the one member of caucus who has been willing to take a public stand against National policies, and dissent against the group think imposed from the top.

Congratulations Nikki, keep up the good work inside caucus and don?t be afraid to speak your mind when all others around you are silent. And all you others ? National?s internal suppression of dissent has weakened the political debate in New Zealand. You need to speak your minds and not just accept you will be told what you can and can’t say and do. Individually I know many of you, and know you are talented, intelligent people and it is time to start showing this.