National's Strategic Stupidity Ctd

National are so far ahead in the polls this election just a matter of finding out how many MPs they get. Labour are doomed to opposition, but National have not worked out that they are falling into a massive trap set by the left.

National have adopted a neutral stance on the referendum, knowing full well that ACT is doomed, United Future is a joke of a party and the Maori Party will leave the house when its leaders retire. Labour and the Greens will remain, and National will have to win a near majority to ever govern again.

Labour may be beaten this time, but unless National and John Key start using some political capital to get a vote for change National will become the natural party of opposition, unable to form a coalition and unable to win a majority.

The most popular Prime Minister in history could change the referendum result by advocating voting for change. Why he is not is almost beyond comprehension.

The time is now to really put the pressure onto Labour and their ebbing support what better way to do it than by advocating a change to the electoral system that in the long term dooms National to opposition more often than not.