Naughty Neigh Neigh

Jacinda Ardern hasn?t had a good start to her campaign so far.

Fresh from getting pinged by Cameron Brewer for putting up her election signs on Saturday night despite an instruction from Council that election signs before midnight on the 26th were illegal, she?s in hot water again.

This time, for gaming with the rules about hoarding numbers. ?She?s only allowed on sign per public site.

Typical with Labour MPs, who don?t think laws apply to them, she had three here at Cox?s Bay Park.

Two other signs were carried away by Council officers, who proudly told bystanders that non-compliant signs would be removed by Council, and the owner of them fined.

Good on them for enforcing the by-laws.

At $300 a piece, Jacinda, can you really afford to keep breaking the law?