Nepotism Watch

Bill English’s brother score a primo position uncontested.

Finance minister Bill English says the public service must “trim the fat” ? but his brother has landed a lucrative contract at the Health Ministry.

Former Electricity Commission general manager Mervyn English is working on a new Health Sector Forum. Another consultant Paul McCormack, a former GP, has been employed to give specialist advice. Neither job was advertised.

The ministry would not say how much they were being paid.

My sources tell me that this guy is a veteran trougher and a tosser to boot.?I am reliably informed that he will be getting in the order of $300k p.a. equivalent as a contracter. Not bad for an uncontested position.

There are two things that I think we should be doing to combat this sort of?blatant?cronyism/nepotism:

  • In the public service anything over $50k should be contested; and
  • When the guy’s brother?is the minister of finance, especially this minister of finance wouldn’t you (the? Min of Health) exercise a little more prudence?.