No hat tip?

12 days ago I posted a video and wished out loud that someone in Labour would speak plain like ?Elizabeth Warren. Last night Rajen Prasad made a feeble attempt and today John Pagani re-posted the speech.

It is a great speech that would have most sensible people at least considering her argument rather than switching off like they do to Goff.

That?s the problem with modern MMP era poll and focus group driven politics, it is so bland that it is easy to ignore. It is a rare politician who is willing to put forward an argument based on principles, and who also manages to make sense of the principles in a way that appeals to voters.

Elizabeth Warren is going to be attacked for being a harvard elite in her race against Scott Brown ? if she wins the nomination. This should not stop her putting forward her arguments. Politics needs good people who want to contest important ideas on both sides of the political spectrum, and Elizabeth Warren appears to be a lot better than the average politician. She may be on the opposite side of the spectrum to this blog but she still can be respected and admired.

I expect Labour?s best thinker on language, Clare Curran, will be paying careful attention to Warren?s campaign, and we will see some of Warren?s messages in Labour?s next election campaign. For the good of New Zealand it is important that Labour promote Clare and get rid of Trevor Mallard from any strategic capacity after his total failure to achieve anything in the past three years.