Northshore: The Dry Don, Wet Maggie and the Soak

Don Brash has, surprise, surprise, had a change of mind and has decided to stand in a seat.

ACT leader Don Brash has changed his mind about standing in an electorate and has picked North Shore as the place to do so.

The North Shore seat has already attracted media attention for National’s candidate choice of Maggie Barry, a political newcomer and former broadcaster.

Brash says Act’s board? persuaded him to stand on the Shore and seek the party vote, where it believes it has strong support.

”It’s a very important part of the country for us,” Brash said. ”Originally I planned not to stand in any electorate because I felt it was important to travel the countryside to encourage the party vote, and I’m still planning to do that.”

He says he would be delighted if people give the party and himself the tick at the election but? he is primarily after the party vote.

I think Don has had a brain embolism. He should have gone up against a deeply unpopular and ill Allan Peachey. He would?have?won Tamaki and broken?the?one seat hoodoo that besets small parties.

So in North Shore now we have Dry Don, Sopping Wet Maggie and The Soak.