Nothing less than a scandal

A couple of days ago I outed a principal who was spreading NZEI poison to parents and kids through a school newsletter.

As you would imagine, parents have been contacting me saying it is outrageous that militant unionists ? happy to take the taxpayer dollar ? are stooping to this level.

Well, it just got worse.

I can now reveal that left-wing and Labour principals are spending their working school days ? when they are being paid to teach kids ? using school time and resources to stir up hatred, slag the government, and promote Labour and the unions on Facebook.

Of course, they are so stupid that they think they are invisible. Well, their lies and bile are there for all to see and it makes grim reading for parents, who will be assuming that these muppets are teaching their kids, as they are employed to do.

All the usual suspects are there. Marlene ?Hitler? Campbell, Frances Nelson (ex-president of NZEI) and Sue Moroney.

One of the worst offenders is Northland bully principal Pat Newman. Oh ? and by chance he is also a Labour candidate in the election. So is it appropriate for him to be using school time and resources to promote himself, Labour and plot to break the law?

The main poster is the principal of Hokowhitu School in Palmerston North, Allan Alach. He seems to have lots of time on his hands during the school day, to try and rally his comrades rather than teach kids at his school how to read, write and do maths.

If this nasty lot had any decency they would resign. And let?s not forget that taxpayers are giving them an extra $2000 dollars a year to implement national standards. As I said, give us back our money or get back to work.

Any journalist worth their salt would be calling the boards of trustees of all the principals involved and asking how much taxpayer time and money is being wasted on this, and is it appropriate for the principal to be using the school resources to make a political protest.

Remember ? these guys want to hide information from journalists and parents because they don?t want crap schools and teachers identified.

These dinosaurs from a long-gone era of teacher unionism have lost the battle and will continue to lose.