NZEI – the real story

Having been forced into a humiliating backdown over National Standards, the NZEI has finally revealed its true reasons for trying to deny parents the?information they want on exactly how their kids are doing at school, and what the school is going to do to make things right.

The education sector union NZEI Te Riu Roa is banding together with two other educational organisations to fight the use of misleading “National Standards” information being used to compare schools.

NZEI, along with the New Zealand Principals Federation (NZPF) and the Boards Taking Action Coalition (BTAC) share very real concerns over the potential misuse of flawed “National Standards” data on student achievement.

School communities will soon face the requirement to submit “National Standards” data into the Education Ministry which would then be available to be constructed into school league tables.

NZEI is making this joint statement with NZPF and BTAC:

“We believe that participation?in a process that would use unreliable and nationally inconsistent data to form league tables poses a serious threat to New Zealand’s highly successful quality public education system, to teacher professionalism, to the well-being of schools and their communities and ultimately, to our children’s learning”.

The threat of “National Standards” information being used unfairly is now very real says NZEI President Ian Leckie.

Let’s ignore the fact that these three “educational organisations” are actually the NZEI under different titles.

Quite simply, the union doesn’t want any school or teacher being identified as under-performing.

Forget the notion of the?Government getting info so it can?do something?to help the kids. The union would rather protect the bad teachers.

They are scared that journalists will OIA the information and create league tables – showing the good and bad schools, and allow parents to decide which schools they reckon will do a good job of educating their children.

And we can’t have that, can we comrade?

So, here’s a Whale warning for journos.?Over the next few months the NZEI under its various names is going to do everything it can to hide information from you, argue it shouldn’t be released, or say that the data isn’t sound.

And you’ll know why.

The campaign is already underway to spread the nastiness among parents and students, and in the next couple of days I’ll be posting one of the worst examples yet.