Owen Glenn will donate the $100 million anyway

Owen Glenn says he will still donate the $100 million even in the unlikely event Labour wins. That should shut up the hateful carping of the jealous and the broken-arsed.

Entrepreneur and philanthropist Owen Glenn says his commitment to donate $100 million to New Zealand youth is not contingent on National and Act winning the November 26 general election.

Glenn said on TV3’s?The Nation over the weekend that he would make a donation but said today that his commitment was not contingent on the two parties winning the election, as was suggested by the programme.

“My commitment to this country is not politically motivated, so regardless of who governs New Zealand after November’s election, once my business is sold, which I anticipate will be during October, I will look to announce more on my plans,” Mr Glenn said.

He said he was not trying to influence the outcome of the election through the announcement.

“I happen to believe that currently a government involving both National and Act is best situated to move New Zealand forward and to leverage the opportunity I intend to create through this donation,” he said.

“That’s my personal opinion. We live in a democracy and people should vote for the party they feel will help New Zealand the most,” he said.

Funny how the Labour flunkies thought it ok for him to donate $500k tot their party, even wrote a law to only allow people like Owen Glenn to donate from overseas, then supported Winston peters when he lied about his donation from Owen Glenn.

There are none so shallow as the jealous and the broken-arsed. They just hate what they describe as Tory charity.

Let’s see if their heroes like Selwyn Pellett and Sam and Gareth Morgan are as generous with their millions?