Parents need to beware

Yesterday I revealed the NZEI?s real reasons for opposing National Standards ? to shield poor principals and teachers and try and hide information from journalists.

This is why they are so keen on Labour?s hidden education policy ? which would remove Anne Tolley?s law which now orders schools to hand over information to the Government. This means Labour, if they got the chance, would stop journalists from accessing information on how a school is doing.

I also promised to give a shocking example of how the NZEI is trying to spread their poison among kids and parents in the run-up to the election.

A favoured way of doing this is through the principal?s weekly newsletter. It gets emailed to families, for parents and schoolkids to read.

Here is one, which arrived via the tipline, that was sent out to parents recently. Have a quick look.

Did you pick up the poisoned message?

Nicely positioned after the shed and the caretaker and before the miniball is this:

So the principal, Neil Batten, is telling families in Golden Bay that Anne Tolley and the National Government hates teachers and doesn?t want kids to learn.

All because Tolley refused to back down over national standards and follow the union line, as Labour continue to do, so kids can continue to fail and teachers can keep hiding from accountability.

So for the boards of trustees at this school ? how appropriate is the behaviour of your principal?

And are you satisfied that he is representing your school in a professional manner?

This is exactly the kind of stuff we can expect in the next few weeks from the NZEI under their various guises.

The union is under increasing pressure and faces a bleak future, as I will make clear in the next few days.