Paul Holmes on the Rugby World Cup

Yesterday Paul Holmes had a column in the Herald on the Rugby World Cup.

On Len Brown taking the car to the Rugby:

By all accounts, the trains were overcrowded and brutal. No wonder there was a constant pushing of the emergency stop button. And with the clapped-out system completely out of its depth, and having spoken of little but trains for over a year, the mayor of Auckland took his car to Eden Park.

The mayor justified this by saying that he had to be there on time. Well, sorry Len, so did everyone else.

On Len Brown and his orgnaisation:

Brown has been entirely humiliated. He lost his power in one fell swoop. And so did all the bozos in Auckland governance who were supposed to be running things.

To be fair to Brown, he didn’t have a chance. All politicians rely on advice. The advice he got was inept. And no crowd projections were ever made, we learned this week. My God, people could have been crushed to death.

On Australia:

But last Sunday, I became very afraid and in that clash between Australia and Italy we saw some rugby genius. I felt I was watching a team that cannot be beaten in this tournament and I don’t mean Italy.

I felt the ferocious agility and speed of the Australian backs and their ability to find sudden clear air to run in tries shows that they are very much to be feared. Deans knew it too when he spoke afterwards. You could tell he knew it. It was all over his face. His boys are doing exactly what he wanted, to peak at the only time he ever has to beat New Zealand, once every four years. All the rest is frippery. Cunning?Robbie Deans, patient Robbie Deans.

As I say, I was very frightened. I started phoning friends.

Hmmm…two out of three ain’t bad. I wonder fo your friends are phoning you back tonight to talk about Australia.