Perry Rush and NZEI admit defeat

Via the tipline?from a sensible principal.

BTAC – nothing but a front for NZEI and the Principals’ Federation – is admitting their protest against National Standards has failed.

Perry Rush tries to save face by saying they’ll be back in the new year to try and hide information from parents. But this shower of left-wing losers must know it’s all over, having been quietly strangled by Anne Tolley.

Now the unionists face three more unhappy years at the hands of a National Government, with the NZEI on course for yet more heavy defeats. Good riddance.

Boards Taking Action Coalition

Update September 6 2011

Attention Principals and Board Chairs

Dear Colleagues

Ministry of Education imposing targets – BTAC advice
There have been recent developments in relation to the National Standards issues.? Many Boards have provided Charters to the Ministry of Education, which the Ministry has advised are non-compliant.

Boards are now receiving letters in which the Ministry imposes targets on schools, and is requiring them to include these targets in their Charters.? The usual letter requires the Board to include in its Charter the following targets :

The school will collect base-line student achievement data against National Standards for all year levels for reading, writing and mathematics.
I am also requiring you to set an aim in your Charter to build the capability of your teachers to assess progress and achievement in relation to the National Standards.

Boards are being advised by the MOE that they are required to send in a Charter to this effect to the Ministry within a specified timeframe.

BTAC has taken legal advice in relation to this issue.? The legal advice is that the Ministry is NOT able to unilaterally amend a Charter without the consent of a Board, but can require a Board to amend a Charter and to include particular content by a particular date.

The Ministry appears to have written and imposed targets unilaterally stating that they become ?active? targets on a particular date. The only action required of the Board is to submit a copy of the charter with the imposed Ministry targets included.

Therefore, we believe the Ministry has overstepped the bounds of the legislation.

However, we are further advised that the Ministry has the statutory power and legal right to ultimately force their will on Boards with respect to this policy. Continued non-compliance can be met with statutory intervention. It is BTAC?s view that this outcome would be detrimental to the significant and growing community of concern about National Standards.

At this juncture, BTAC advises that?forced compliance is the best strategy as it maintains the strong community of concern that can be brought to bear on these Standards. In addition it is a strategy that invites all Boards to register their concern without risking statutory intervention.

BTAC is not encouraging Boards to take a litigious approach at this time.? The real battle in relation to National Standards will come next year when schools are required to provide data to the Ministry of Education.? BTAC will continue to progress its opposition to National Standards, educate our school communities and the wider public as to the reasons for our opposition, and grow the community of concern. BTAC is currently working on a number of significant sector wide actions for 2012.

It is therefore suggested that Boards move to a strategy of??forced compliance? by submitting a charter to the MOE which includes the imposed targets along with a disclaimer that makes it clear the Ministry?s targets are imposed.

The disclaimer should read: ?These targets have been imposed by the Ministry of Education against the express wishes of the Board?.

Meanwhile, we will continue to communicate with you about strategies to continue to raise issues about National Standards, for the benefit of our school communities.

In summary BTAC advises Boards to respond by:

1)??? Re-submitting your charter with the Ministry?s targets included in it so that it is clear it is imposed (as suggested above), and not agreed, by your Board or school community.
2)??? Maintaining your trusted and reliable targets previously submitted and clearly differentiate these from the Ministry?s targets.
3)??? Advising in a cover letter to the Ministry that the ?imposed? charter targets as required by the Ministry does not reflect the wishes of the Board and the school community.
4)??? Explaining to your school community that the Ministry has imposed requirements in relation to National Standards and that this is contrary to the wishes of the Board.

Perry Rush
Boards Taking Action Coalition
[email protected]