Playing into his hands

I’ve met Bob McCoskrie, he’s a nice bloke, but sometimes I wonder if he is blessed with any nous when it comes to?highlighting?things in the media.

The prospect of bare breasts on a Saturday is the last straw for Family First.

The lobby group is furious at plans for a Boobs on Bikes parade in Auckland, on the day the All Blacks play France in the Rugby World Cup.

Steve Crow is planning a “rugby special” Boobs on Bikes parade with girls body-painted in world cup team colours.

Family First says police and councils have been very liberal about weekday topless parades.

Spokesman Bob McCoskrie says having the parade on a weekend when many families with children will be in the city will cause widespread offence.

The Auckland Council confirmed that an application for a permit has been submitted, but has not yet been issued.

Auckland Councillor Cathy Casey has spoken against the idea, saying it will make New Zealand look tacky.

The procession is planned for to travel through Ponsonby Rd, Karangahape Rd and Queen St in central Auckland.

I’ve also met Steve Crow, and he will be laughing like hell that he has once again managed to get Bob McCoskrie and Cathy Casey to nut off against his Boobs on Bikes parade. He is guaranteed good publicity now.

Both Bob and Cathy have had so many last straws that you tend to just ignore them. Cathy Casey certainly should be ignored all the time. Family First and Bob McCoskrie though do so very good work but it is diminished by coming out with silly statements like this.