Political wives can get snaky if their husbands are rooting around

It never pays to dally with the help.

Chris Huhne, the Energy Secretary, has spoken for the first time of his “enormous regret” at the high-profile break-up of his marriage.

Mr Huhne also appeared to suggest that that the affair that ended his marriage may have been revealed by the News of the World using phone hacking or other dubious methods.

The minister faces a threat to his career arising from his acrimonious divorce. His former wife, Vicky Pryce, has suggested that he asked her to accept speeding points for a traffic offence he committed.

Prosecutors are still considering the case. Mr Huhne denies any wrongdoing.

Mr Huhne last year left Mrs Pryce after 26 years to continue his relationship with his former press officer.

Mrs Pryce only learned of his long-standing affair with Carina Trimingham hours before it was made public in a newspaper.

At a fringe event at the Liberal Democrat conference last night, Mr Huhne spoke of his regrets over his parting with his former wife.

“Frankly it was an appalling set of circumstances,? he said. ?I personally feel enormously regretful about what I put my family through and what happened with Vicky.

He added: ?I entirely understand the stress that she has been caused. She has not traditionally been out there in public.?

Asked whether he had apologised, the MP replied: ?Yes.?

But pressed on whether she had accepted he said: ?No.?

Questioned on whether he believed she would eventually forgive him, he added: ?I don?t know.?