Many politicians carry on excessively about poverty in New Zealand. The Labour party in particular makes much about the issue. Yet after nine years of their policies and nearly 3 years of National’s continuation of Labour’s policies apparently the problem isn’t going away.

I have an office in Manukau, I spend a lot of time on the streets of Manukau and we have issues, but the issues aren’t poverty, if they were we would be able to fix that. What we have is structural state reliance. That is far more insidious that just poverty.

I saw on Lindsay Mitchell’s blog a link to an interesting comment about poverty.

On Friday Danny Watson was talking about the issue and there was a call from?a Samoan 35 year-old female called Kathryn who talks to Danny Watson about the word ‘poverty’. What it means to her living in Mangere Central; what it means to her mates and why the rest of us should stop using it.

I have trimmed the audio to so you don’t have to stream 50 odd minutes, and just left Kathryn’s comments.

Have a listen.

NewstalkZB – Danny Watson talking with Kathryn about poverty

Kathryn is right, we don’t have poverty in New Zealand, we have poor personal choices. Some people, like Martyn Bradbury, crap on about poverty from their comfy downtown apartments but they actually know nothing about it. They talk about beggars on the street and people living in cardboard boxes but the bottom line with those people is that we have a welfare system and if they choose to live on?the?streets then so be it. There is help in New Zealand for those who aren’t too proud or too stupid to ask for it.

But the real problem we have is the systemic welfarism that robs people of dignity, drive and purpose. After 60 years of welfare I think it is time we called enough on the dreadful experiment that is welfare. It hasn’t worked, it has actually made things worse.

I just wish there was a government or a party that had the intestinal fortitude to realise that talk of ‘entitlements’ and continuing the same is what is dooming this country and alternatives need to be explored and explored fast.

I wrote yesterday about only having net taxpayers having the vote and all sort of pinko apologists cried aloud that I was evil and heartless and anti-democratic, yet they missed what I was really trying to say.

New Zealand is doomed so long as we continue to have a burgeoning class of people who?receive?more from the state than they contribute through their taxation. We need less people in need of state assistance, not more. Yet the socialists and the commentariat classes who wring their hands of the issue only have one answer to the problem of poverty and that is to vest even more money at the bottom 40%. Well if that was the answer then we would have solved the problem a long time ago.

It is time for something different, it is time for a better way. If only there was a politician or a party that could show us that.