Power backing down but not far enough

Simon Power appears to be backing down on his bid to remove the right to silence. However he appears to still be trying to stitch up a shabby little deal in the back-rooms by abrogating his responsibilities and those?responsibilities?of Members of Parliament?by chucking the issue to an “expert panel”:

The Government’s stalled reforms of the justice sector have been given an unusual lifeline with a proposal to take the controversial issue of the right to silence out of Parliament’s hands and leave it to a group of legal experts.

…A new clause would allow the Rules Committee, a panel of legal experts chaired by Chief Justice Dame Sian Elias, to decide if a disclosure regime should be enforced, and if so, how.

The committee has responsibility for procedural rules in the court system, and relies on advice from judges, lawyers and other interested parties.

Dr Bill Hodge, an associate professor of law at Auckland University, said delegating control to the committee would be “unusual” because Parliament usually makes the law, while the judiciary applies it.

This is unbelievable! We have a?separation?of the judiciary from the parliament for a reason. Simon Power in an astonishing act of cowardice and venal self interest wants to now pass the tough issues to the judiciary and un-elected “interested?aprties” to decide to remove rights and write laws in an absolute destruction of our?constitutional?processes. Worse Bill Hodge is ecstatic about it.

This is unacceptable. It is unconscionable. Hopefully some sensible heads will prevail and stop this?shenanigans?at once.

Since Simon Power is struggling to find anyone who will open the door for a corporate directorship perhaps he could ring Helen and organise and adjunct position with Chris Carter. Chris Carter is up there fighting corruption, given Simon Power’s unique skill set perhaps he could advice the Afghan government on aspects of?constitutional?law.