Redefining Genocide

Often when blogging things pop up almost automagically that has parallels to what it was that you are blogging about.

The other day treor Mallard made an offensive comment comparing John Key with fascists. Then on Andrew Sullivan today there is a post about the?hypocrisy?of the left on things like totalitarian genocidal tendencies.

Norm Geras?comments:

It’s often asked why being an apologist for Nazism puts the person who is that beyond the pale of respectable opinion, so to speak, whereas doing the same for Stalinism, while widely regarded as a bad choice, still falls inside the boundary of respectability. Might this differentiation cease to be as sharp once the meaning of genocide is extended so that it encompasses every ‘mass elimination of a group based on its collective identity’?

I would hope so. The double standards, perpetuated by ageing lefties, are repellent. And next time you see a freshman in a CCCP t-shirt, ask him why he doesn’t wear a swastika. You know:?ironically.