Monitoring Facebook?

I know just quietly that Len Brown’s office is busy white-anting Mike Lee and Mike Redman from Ateed. Mike Redman isn’t covering himself in any glory if Cameron Brewer is correct:

The biggest revelation from the RWC opening night reports, tabled on 14 September,?wasn?t that organisers? wrongly predicted the numbers but that there was no forecasting at all!

I pushed ATEED CEO Michael Redman and his staggering response was: ?Well we modelled the capacity of how much space there is available, but you know, we were monitoring Facebook ? those people that said they were going to attend, there were some numbers that were coming out of there ? but there was no modelling of demand that sat behind our Friday night.?

Checking Facebook! Oh FFS how ridiculous can you get? The guy is a moron, Len Brown would be well with in his rights to give him a DCM. Then Len can give Mike Lee his beans as well.

One thing that is interesting is the the two organisations that have bollocks-ed up things so badly both feature Len Brown flunkies on the board. ATEED has Richard Jeffrey who was secretly appointed by Len Brown and who was integral in his election campaign team?including?being involved in the TelstraClear Pacific Events Centre “donation” of the billboard space to Len?Brown.

Auckland Transport has Mike Williams, another Labour and len Brown appointment.

You?have?to ask that with his chosen pals on these boards why Len Brown wasn’t across the issues?