Shielded by Sanctimony, Ctd

Of course the Greens are not as innocent as they claim when it comes to dirty tricks. Max Dillon Coyle has just be caught red-handed telling porkies to the Waikato Times

There was of course the case of the secret taper Kees Keiser, who it turned out was directly linked to the Green Party and then Jeanette Fitzsimmons had to issue a statement saying the leadership were not aware of the taping ‘at first’.

This was always one of those issues that never quite got resolved. If the Greens didn’t work with the secret taper ‘at first’ – when did they become aware of this most dirty of tricks?

“Mr Keizer has a flatmate. A Mr Stephen Day. Now it is possible the roll is out of date, but this post is on the assumption it is accurate ? and just before an election you expect it to be.

And what does Stephen do? He is employed by Ministerial Services and acts as a liaison between Labour and the Greens!! ? officially on the issue of Buy NZ made. This means he is taxpayer funded through Ministerial Services yet works for Sue Bradford on behalf of the Labour-led Government.

Stephen appears to be a professional unionist, having worked for OUSA, NZEI, SFWU and Finsec before his latest job.

Now I am sure we will be told that Mr Day had no idea what his flatmate was up to. That he never even whispered a word to him, and that he spent all that time making audio recordings without being noticed.

I will let readers apply their own Tui test of credibility to this one.

UPDATE: I need to make a retraction. I got it wrong.

I described the relationship between the secret taper and the senior Labour/Greens Advisor as flatmates.?They are in fact brothers-in-law.”

The Greens never came clean on what they knew back then, they kept all the sordid details well hidden behind their shield of sanctimony.