Shielded by Sanctimony, Ctd

It seems Max Dillon Coyle likes to manufacture the news. He has just been busted making stuff with the Waikato Times. But he has form in manufacturing outrage and the news.

A spat between a Green Party candidate who filmed himself arguing with security staff over cyclists’ rights at The Base shopping centre has ended up on YouTube.

Max Coyle, who is standing for Hamilton West, said he felt “intimidated and not welcome” after security staff told him and a group of friends to stop riding their bicycles at The Base shopping centre.

But Tainui Group Holdings chief executive Mike Pohio said cyclists were welcome at The Base.

He said Mr Coyle and his friends were riding on the footpath and filming – both not permitted at The Base – and the minute-long clip was an incomplete sequence of events.

Hmmm…an incomplete sequence of events…sounds very familiar.

What will it take for the sanctimonious Greens to act?