Shielded by Sanctimony, Ctd

News this morning that Max Dillon Coyle has apologised for misleading the media, except his party then goes on to say he didn’t mislead the media. Confusing sanctimonious signals from the Greens continue.

A Hamilton Green Party candidate’s future with the party is under a cloud after he admitted to misleading the Waikato Times.

Max Coyle, a candidate for the Hamilton West electorate, apologised for misleading the paper after his partner Melissa Campbell appeared in a story on Monday about the young mum’s likely voting intentions ahead of the election.

The story was part of an ongoing series on the region’s voters.

She did not reveal her partner’s role in the Greens.

In a statement released yesterday by the party, Mr Coyle said he made an error of judgment by not ensuring the paper knew he was Ms Campbell’s partner and he offered his “sincere apologies for the misleading the Waikato Times”.

“I apologise to the party for this error. And I also apologise unreservedly to the Waikato Times. ”

Green Party co-convener Georgina Morrison said the party expected a high standard of behaviour and was disappointed by the events.

“Max and his partner assured us that they did not deliberately mislead the media. He is a young new candidate, with great enthusiasm but not much political experience.”

Mr Coyle would take a few days off to “reflect on what had happened.”

While his candidacy is not suspended it has cast a shadow on the party in a week when it is expected to release the rest of its candidates for Waikato seats.

“We will be discussing with Max his ongoing role in the Green Party,” said Ms Morrison.

See how they did that. Max apologises for misleading and the Greens convener says oh but it wasn’t deliberate. Oh really?

Waikato Times editor Jonathan MacKenzie said Ms Campbell had every opportunity to disclose her partner’s role in the Green Party.

During the interview she was asked what her partner did, why she was supporting the Greens and how she became involved in Green issues but she did not disclose her affiliations.

Sounds deliberate to me.

It’s ok when Greens lie, they are shielded by sanctimony.?Look for excuses from the Greens rather than just sacking him.