Shielded by Sanctimony

The Green party likes to think they are better than all the rest. They constantly tell us how they care more than others, that they are better behaved than other politicians and that they play fairly.

Yesterday though,?I busted one of their list candidates shopping a story to the Waikato Times about a “poor family” and how that family was going to be voting Green this election. Shamefully the Waikato Times published the story without fact checking. More shamefully though was Max Dillon Coyle and his partner not telling the Waikato Times reporter that Max was the Green candidate.

I have now obtained a better quality copy of the article so readers can see how shameful and distasteful the whole sham article is (click to enlarge).

Information on the tipline suggests a full Green board meeting has been called to discuss the damage this article has caused.

I don’t hold much hope in the Greens doing the right thing, they are after all a worldwide marketing and branding exercise?shielded?in?sanctimony.

About the only organisation worse than the Greens are Greenpeace for telling other what to do and think while doing the exact opposite themselves.