Sir Peter Leitch – “I’m gutted, mate”

Darien Fenton’s bizarre attack against Sir Peter Leitch has made it to the NZ Herald this morning. Late last night Darien Fenton attempted a pre-emptive apology.

I posted on that three days ago. The Herald is just now catching up with the online outrage against such a shallow and nasty attack against a Kiwi icon.

A short while ago I had a call from Sir Peter Leitch, since I kicked this all off he thought he would have a chat with me. We had a 40 minute conversation through out which I was left with the impression that he is deeply hurt by the comments made by Darien Fenton.

“Mate, am I gutted by her attacks” he said “This week we should all be basking in the joy of the mighty Vodafone Warriors being in the grand final and supporting the All Blacks, and instead she found the time to attack me in a calculated and nasty way”.

I asked Sir Peter about her apology and her offer to catch up for a beer. Sir Peter’s response was rapid and stern, “Mate, I don’t want to speak to her, ever.”

“I?have?been hurt?immensely by her, last night I broke down and cried, I just feel stabbed in the back”. Sir Peter then went on to outline all the things he has been doing recently for Christchurch and the huge effort and toll that has taken on him. ” For her to attack me when I am trying my best for this country, well mate, I’m gutted.”

“The worst part in all this is in trying to attack me she has instead attacked 37 hard working, working class franchisees, she is taking the bread from their mouths” he said. “I sold the business 3 and half years ago and she didn’t even get that right”

“I though Labour was for the working class, after this I just don’t know”.

“But the thing that hurts the most is that I feel stabbed in the back. I gave free product and spent all day cooking at David Lange’s funeral, another working class hero, and this is what I get?”

We then got to talking about the upcoming weekend, he was worried that his card for Jimmy Cowan celebrating his 50th test won’t make it in time, and he needed to ring Graham Henry to wish him luck, the final thing he said before hanging up was “Go the mighty Vodafone Warriors.” He is always on message.

Sir Peter Leitch is a kiwi icon. Darien Fenton’s attack was despicable. He is terribly hurt by the attack. When I asked him some political questions he refused to answer them, he said “Mate, I don’t want to get political, I’ve never been political, I just want what is best for this great little country.”