The benevolence of Mayor Brown

Len Brown is generous…with other peoples money. It seems that Len?Brown paid for changing this helpless young thing?s flights so she could experience the whole of Fashion Week.

Oddly enough the highlight of our day wasn’t the amazing shows we saw but in fact the amazing news we received a few hours before our flight. Originally we were scheduled to fly out after Jimmy D to go straight to New York but after meeting Len Brown, the mayor of Auckland, he arranged to cover the costs of changing our flights so we could attend the full week of NZFW. I’m not going to tell you how much this was but let’s just say it was something I never thought possible! Incredibly kind and incredibly surreal.

Too much. How much were the costs? Who actually paid? What approvals were sought for the expenditure? So many questions, I doubt there will be answers.

If Len Brown had focussed on?transport?arrangements for the World Cup instead of fashion designers perhaps there wouldn’t have been a stuff up last Friday night.