The Blink Test, Ctd

Yesterday I blogged about The Blink Test. Let’s look at the five potential leaders for Labour after Phil Goff finally quits.

Today I will check Andrew Little against the Blink Test.

Photo: The Listener

Andrew comes across as a slightly boring, somewhat conflicted man. The underlying sense with Andrew when you blink is ?does this guy want to be Prime Minister enough to make it happen??

The underlying sense of a lack of mongrel just by looking at him is supported by his weird decision not to contest the 2008 election as a candidate. Labour?s selection gerrymander means he would have been a shoe in for Rimutaka, and would have three solid years building his credentials rather than three years on the outer.

He is likely to get a hiding from the very competent Jonathan Young in what is a very blue seat on the party vote, defining Little as personally unpopular. He goes in as a scum list MP in a position of weakness, instead of an electorate MP who owns a seat and is well respected in his local community.