The No Dickheads Rule

I have a no dickheads rule. I won’t work for or with dickheads. It is one of the reasons I quit Citizen A.

When Paul Roos took over?the?Sydney Swans he implemented a no dickheads rule in order to clean up the club. It is?the?origin for my no dickheads rule. So far it has stood the club in good stead, but after a poor season this year there are some calling for the club to hire a dickhead.

Paul Roos is gone from the club but does the no dickheads rule remain?

The no dickheads policy. If it’s still in place, Fevola has a problem.

While he can be a good influence on the field, the worry for the Swans could be the bad influence off the field.

While AFL players enjoy anonymity in Sydney, Fevola is well-known enough to be recognised, which can often lead to altercations at pubs.

Swans fans don’t like him, and most don’t want him. The Swans are the goodie two shoes of sport in Sydney, and adding a bad boy may change their clean-cut image among parents of youngsters.

Risk, gamble, punt. Yes, yes and yes. When they don’t come off, we are all dirty on ourselves for taking them. When they do ? it could be the difference between a top eight finish and a top four.

I think political parties should consider a no dickheads policy too. That way we wouldn’t have to put up with people like Trevor Mallard, Charles Chauvel, Gerry Brownlee, Simon Power, Keith Locke, Hone Harawira and Peter Dunne.