Trevor Mallard Re-Ducks

The Labour Party is predictably keen to jump on any passing bandwagon at present.

Nearly a week after the fact, they’ve decided they’ve found a good attack issue in terms of the Rugby World Cup opening night issues in Auckland, and they’re doing what they do – which is talking down New Zealand.

But on Monday afternoon, after spending the whole interview with Paul Henry talking tough and promising to sack people, Phil Goff said we should all refrain from?passing judgment ’til after the Auckland Council reported back.??He also condemned the choice of the waterfront as a venue.

This argument got me thinking what Labour might have done.

Well, a quick review of history tells us Labour’s plan was to plonk a national stadium on the waterfront (which was supposedly going to be built at night and save us money???).

This was not uniformly welcomed by the range of Auckland councils at the time.??So in response, Labour threatened to?move the tournament to Christchurch.

And then when the councils refused to pay for Trevor’s monument on the waterfront he said Aucklanders had ‘no vision‘.

I just shudder at the thought of what may?have happened last Friday, if Mallard had got his way and literally everyone was?on the waterfront. ?His alternative was of course – Christchurch.

This whole tournament would have been at risk had Mallard followed through on his threats and moved the main events to Christchurch.

Labour have very short memories and they’re desperately hoping the public do too. ?The Whale has a longer memory than most.

So here’s Trevor in November 2006 trying to explain why Labour botched its numbers in the RWC bid.? According to Trevor it was?someone else’s fault.