Trevor will be mad with jealousy

Apparently Silvio Berlusconi had a harem of more than 30.

More than 30 women, many of them prostitutes, were recruited to Silvio Berlusconi’s private parties at his mansion in Rome, Italian investigators said on Thursday.

The new sleaze allegations hit the prime minister as his approval rating plunged to a record new low, with only 24 per cent of Italians saying they trusted the 74-year old billionaire businessman “a lot” or “quite a lot”.

Prosecutors presented the results of a two-year investigation into claims that Mr Berlusconi entertained what the Italian press describe as “a harem” of young models, actresses and starlets at his private residence in Rome in 2008 and 2009.

They said that at least 30 women, some of them from South America and Eastern Europe, were invited to the parties and that many “prostituted themselves” with the prime minister in return for cash or other gifts.

Eat your heart out Mallard. With 30 chicks hanging off your every word you wouldn’t need or want to take a puppy to parliament with you for company.