Two Phil Goffs in one article

A post by John Pagani popped up in RSS reader, I had a check and it referenced a Phil Goff mini-hagiography by Anthony Hubbard in the Sunday Star-Times.

Pagani as his want these days is shilling the bit?that?suits him, but if you go to the source article and have a read and out Goff’s comments in context you see a different story.

John Pagani comments that Phil Goff is battling for the folks on struggle street especially in regards to education because Phil Goff said this:

“Where do families in this neighbourhood send their kids to? To St Kent’s, to King’s College. They don’t send them to the local school, and there’s a reason they don’t do that, because the peer group worry about the quality of their kids’ education.

“I still actually believe that if we don’t like the education, if we don’t like what’s happening in Struggle St down there, we should be doing something to change it ? not simply accepting it and saying we’re happy to have two New Zealands. I don’t believe in two New Zealands.”

What John Pagani left out was the community that Phil Goff is talking about is not Mt Roskill, it is Clevedon. John Pagani conveniently left off (why did he do that?) the preceding sentence, the one that gives context:

Things are different now. Goff’s own little rural community is conservative, although he says “they are fine, decent people”.

And why did Phil Goff move to Clevedon?

He and Mary in turn brought their three kids here to the Clevedon farm in 1990, when he lost his seat in the rout of the Labour government. He had found out that a teacher had been telling his eight-year-old son Kieran “every morning about what I was doing wrong as minister of education. I didn’t know about it at the time… or I would have gone ballistic”. But he didn’t want to expose his kids to that, and Clevedon was an attempt to give them some privacy.

So Phil Goff is moaning about Struggle Street, but he is actually talking about Clevedon where he ran to after getting tossed out of office in 1990 and after his kids copped some flack from teachers in Mt Roskill. He ran to Clevedon to protect his kids from the education system in Mt Roskill. Now he is moaning that kids from Clevedon are being sent to St Kent’s or Kings.

I’ll bet you dollars to a knob of goat dung that Phil Goff’s kids weren’t educated at Mt Roskil Grammar like my parents were. I wonder if Phil will tell us where he sent his kids to school?

It is amazing how two Phil Goff’s can exist in one small article. It is amazing the lengths the left through Anthony Hubbard and John Pagani will go to massage the truth about Phil Goff.