Union backs sledging by Williamson

Maurice Williamson has garnered support from an unlikely source. Not content with increasing his own majority with some good honest Aussie sledging, he is also now getting support from hardened unionists.

Government Minister Maurice Williamson behaved in a boisterous fashion in the VIP area during the Australia-Italy game on Sunday, according to a witness.

General secretary of the National Distribution Union, Robert Reid, said he was behind Mr Williamson throughout the international in the VIP area on Sunday.

“He was jumping up and down and gesticulating ?we all like to give it to the Aussies and he was doing that as well,” Mr Reid said.

He described Mr Williamson’s general demeanour as colourful but not offensive.

The only concern I have is why the other two ministers weren’t likewise sledging the Aussie rugby cheats.

Meanwhile the Aussies cry like babies, see what happens when you have a girl for your PM. We know your shame.