What is the point of the Labour Party? Ctd

Yesterday I blogged about an article about the UK Labour party and what was the point of it. The entire article, paragraph by paragraph has so many similarities with New Zealand Labour it is worth looking at some of those thoughts and applying them here:

What is Labour for? Who does it represent? What unique contribution can it make to political discourse? What does it provide in terms of a clear electoral choice for voters? Simply to state those existential questions is to realise how distant the answers to them are ? and to understand the extent of the vacuum at the heart of the Labour position. And this is not, as desperate political leaders are fond of saying, a problem of ?presentation?. The voters have not failed to understand Labour?s message (which needs only to be clarified for its appeal to strike home). On the contrary, they understand very well that Labour is desperately trying to cobble together a message that will have some coherence and resonance ? but that as yet it cannot even decide whom it is addressing.

We?have?exactly the same issues here. Labour in New Zealand is still suffer mass delusion that the voter were just horribly mistaken and that they will shortly see through the inherent evilness of John Key, just you wait, they will, they will.

Witness Clare Curran’s bizarre rants against the collusion of the media who have shut down labour’s message, and Trevor Mallard’s attacks on academics who dare to criticise Labour. These actions show that labour still believes that it is the voters, through the collusion of the vast array of enemies of true Labour, who have failed to grasp their message.

It is no use “controlling the message” when the message doesn’t even resonant.