Whiny complaint tossed out

Captain Panic Pants, Kevin Taylor is no Malcolm Tucker. If he was he would have not even bothered whining to the Broadcasting Standards Authority because to do so and lose would be worse than complaining in the first place.

The Prime Minister’s chief spin doctor has had his complaint over a TV news story knocked back by the Broadcasting Standards Authority (BSA).

Kevin Taylor complained to the BSA over a One News story that aired on May 11 about an upgrade to the Government’s BMW fleet.

Taylor said the teaser and news item implied a link between a donation by a BMW dealership and the fleet upgrade. The story had suggested some sort of “dodgy deal,” which amounted to an unjustified attack on Key’s integrity, Taylor said.

However, the BSA rejected the complaint, saying the story did not state as fact that there was a link between the car deal and the donation received by the National Party from a BMW dealership. The item had included “clear statements refuting any suggestion that there was a link”.

I have a box set of The Thick of It that Kevin can borrow if wants to learn a trick or two.

Now?what?was that quote about coffee machines?