Who is right?

Len?Brown?says he wasn’t told about McCully’s takeover:

Auckland Mayor Len Brown says he had no warning from the Government of its plans to takeover the waterfront.

Murray McCully says that Len is mistaken:

Mr McCully has been criticised for not informing Auckland Mayor Len Brown about the takeover until after the announcement was made.

Mr McCully told Radio New Zealand today that government officials spoke to Auckland City officials on Monday about the proposal.

“I’ve got a whole range of officials who work on our side, and a whole range who work on the Auckland City side and I thought getting chief executive to chief executive was a very good way of getting our whole systems plugged into each other.”

It was clear the Government had to get some consents in place to avoid a repeat of last Friday night, he said.

“I rang the Mayor of Auckland myself when it became clear to me yesterday after I made my media comments he hadn’t been fully cited,

Someone?isn’t right, my pick is it is Len Brown. He has a record of being sneaky, furtive and hiding from responsibility and it also looks like his city officials have been keeping him in the dark.

Len Brown wanted the big job, but one thing Len Brown has never, ever learned is that on the big job at some time the buck stops at your desk.

The government doesn’t control the trains, Len Brown does through his patsy board. Time for heads to roll, starting with Len Brown’s.