Who is the Minister for Bad Manners?

From the Sydney Morning Herald:

If you thought the booing of Wallabies five-eighth Quade Cooper during the Italy match was unacceptable, it was nothing compared to the antics of a dignitary who was sitting in the official box. Australian Rugby Union officials always anticipate a hard time when they are in New Zealand, and were not shocked by the crowd jeering the Wallabies during their opening World Cup game. But they never expected their official Kiwi hosts to join in. According to Jeeves, our snout in the official box, one of the invited guests got really carried away, especially after Italy troubled the Wallabies early on. ”He booed and abused the Wallabies all game,” Jeeves said. ”He was yelling out, ‘f—ing cheats’ and other offensive remarks, and then when the Wallabies started to get on top, he suddenly left.” Naturally the ARU representatives and their partners in the box were gobsmacked. One asked an Auckland government official: ”Who is this bloke? His behaviour is right over the top.” The local suit replied: ”Sorry. I can’t do much about it. He’s a government minister.” The contingent now refer to him as the New Zealand Minister for Bad Manners.

I wonder who the Minister for Bad Manners is? If you know drop me a message on the tipline.

Perhaps the Minister in question would like to fess up and tell his side of the story. Surely the Aussie’s whingers can’t be telling the ruth. I mean their ancestors were chosen by the best judges in England to live in Australia.

UPDATE: The game was played at North Harbour stadium. It is unlikely to be Wayne Mapp or Murray McCully but Jonathan Coleman has form at that stadium.