Who will National’s Coalition Partners be after the 2014 Election?

Tracy Watkins highlights the problems for ACT. The party has fallen apart. The party operations are dying, the candidates can’t get their messages straight and they can not be relied on to be a coalition partner after 2014.

Dr Brash’s leadership was supposed to haul the party back from the brink. Instead it looks increasingly like a party in its death throes.

Who is going to partner National if ACT are gone and United Future are gone and Pita Sharples and Tariana Turia retire? That?s why National is going to be natural party of opposition if they do not take a stand on the electoral reform referendum.

Labour and teh Greens along with their union buddies have registered to spend cash supporting MMP, not only that their MMPs are very vocal in support. National MPs meanwhile are under strict instruction to play Sgt. Shultz.