Why National will win easily

Can anyone imagine Helen Clark or even Phil Goff doing this?

This is a clear example of the drawing power and vote winning of bogan behaviour.

BTW I see the “mad-dog” arm wrestler at Canterbury University is a ranga – no doubt the left will say that John Key’s security guard was being cruel to animals.

A Canterbury University student going by the name “Mad Dog” has won an armwrestle showdown with one of Prime Minister John Key’s bodyguards.

Students challenged Mr Key to pit his best security guard against their best armwrestler during his visit to their campus this afternoon.

The battle between “Mad Dog” and the unidentified guard lasted about 20 seconds.

In TVNZ footage, Mr Key could be heard saying “Mad Dog’s obviously very strong”.

He later said he would have given the winning student a knighthood if he had been nominated for the New Year’s honours list.