Why should the media be impartial?

Looneys seem to think that blogs like Whaleoil should be impartial. In a sense it is, I have a crack at anyone who does anything stupid including National MPs and office holders.

For some reason this is seen as bad, and a lot of prissy people think impartiality is the route to heaven or something equally moronic. These morons should think about the United Kingdom broadsheet market, where the Times, Telegraph, Independent, Observer and Guardian all have clear editorial perspectives and are well known for promoting causes they believe in, like getting Labour elected or thrown out depending on the paper. Similar blogs like The Daily Dish and Andrew Bolt likewise eschew impartiality and embrace partiality.

They are not beyond having a go at their nominal political allies either. The Telegraph is giving the Tories beating over their planning changes with their Hands off our Land Campaign

The media market world wide is being dominated by people who take sides. Boring impartiality is a fast path to extinction. If you don?t like the approach this blog takes, go and read something else.