Why Weiner's seat went Republican

The idiot congressman that sent photos on twitter of himself posing semi naked had to resign. So there was a special election. Nate Silver explains some of the reasons why the Republicans won in a seat held by the Democrats for over 100 years.

There are?good reasons to think that local issues may have loomed especially large in New York?s 9th Congressional District, where the Republican Bob Turner won on Tuesday. President Obama had significantly underperformed his Democratic predecessors in the district in 2008, and the large split in voting between the Brooklyn and Queens portions of the district ? the Brooklyn parts are more heavily Jewish ? implies that Israel-related issues may have played a role.

There were other local factors as well: influential endorsements for Mr. Turner by Democratic leaders like former Mayor Ed Koch and the Assemblyman Dov Hikind, and local rabbis; the close timing of the election with the Sept. 11 anniversary; the fact that the district had been vacated by a Democrat, Anthony Weiner, in a scandal; and perhaps gay marriage in a district that is economically liberal but fairly religious, with pockets of social conservatism.

Reminds me of idiot MPs here who attempt to look cool using Twitter.