Cactus Kate on Five Fingers Feeley

Yesterday I questioned the?Herald?running the story of Adam Feeley nicking a bottle of wine. I thought it hardly?deserved?the whole front page. Farrar thought it was a non-story but we know how of touch with reality he is. I still think it didn’t warrant the front page especially with?Louisa?Wall and Darien Fenton hating on the Mad Butcher, but it is still a story because it involves the boss of?the?SFO nicking a bottle of plonk and bragging about it to his minions.

Cactus Kate discusses the five finger discount on a bottle of plonk by SFO boss Adam Feeley:

Adam Feeley may have thought it was only a $70 bottle of Gosset but pinching and bragging about it says that all is?not well in the Serious Fraud Office.

While many pundits may think it is acceptable to take property that belonged to a crook in the first instance, it isn’t. Because it doesn’t belong to the SFO or?Five Fingers Feeley?either. It does make you wonder what else Feeley pilfered when he had fiduciary duties owing?

The SFO is the Nations highest office in terms of serious white collar crime. It must act with the highest standards possible. They answer to the toughest Minister in Parliament, Crusher Collins. She’s not a woman who would stoop to finger a $70 bottle of fizz. Ever.

Very hard to argue with that logic.

The SFO again is meant to be beyond reproach. It is meant to be above such actions. It clearly is not and needs to pull its head in. Employees are sacked for doing exactly what Feeley did here and the leaker of this email was obviously uncomfortable with his actions. The culture within the SFO is not well when a staff member has a higher coed of ethics and knowledge of right and wrong as the Boss.

Feeley needs to be accountable for this. He needs to now face the same fire he sticks often innocent businessmen through for the petty crime of drowning themselves in fizz.

It is not about good or bad it’s about Feeley becoming the very thing he rails against.

Crusher Collins doesn’t seem to be the sort of Minister who is impressed with this sort of behaviour.

I trust Feeley will be feeling the sort of pain that is appropriate at present with such encouragement of behaviour that their Minister would not participate in.

I can’t see Crusher endorsing pinching people’s belongings no matter how small.

Her charges are out of control, rancid and need discipline. They won’t be getting it from their current Leader, five fingers Feeley.

Hell hath no fury like Crusher pissed off.

I think Five Fingers Feeley is going to get his nuts kicked.