Coddington Highlights National’s Problems

It is not often I agree with Deborah Coddington but today is an this morning.

But let’s face it, National has no credible support partner right now. It can only rely on Peter Dunne. Who knows how many MPs the Maori Party will bring back to Parliament? Key has ruled out working with Hone Harawira and Winston Peters (even if NZ First does make it back).

Then there’s Act. Or, should I say, then there was Act.

Deborah highlights that?National under MMP is in severe trouble after this election. They have no natural support parties. Yet their heads are so far in the sand they will not take a position on the electoral reform referendum. Their political foes have no such qualms and are even registered to spend up to $300,000 each telling us how they prefer New Zealand under the heel of MMP.