Dealing with Joycification

Much has been made of Pedro Gower?s Joycification.

The MSM should see if Trevor Mallard is actually working rather than riding his bike or his latest paramour. Joycification is just poll driven politics. It is not revolutionary or even particularly smart, but it is effective if it is allowed to be used unchallenged.

Mallard, as readers well know, has been overseeing Labour?s train wreck of a campaign. He is the fool that has not realised that a classical technique like being poll driven is opposed by an equally classic technique. You call your opponents poll driven, describe them as having no principles and continually ask them what they stand for. Put the pressure on to make them stand for something, and keep reinforcing that voters hate poll driven politics.

This is a simple response that works. Mallard should have worked this out years ago and made a clean break with the past to attack Key on what he stands for.