Everyone but Terry to blame

Terry Serepisos is playing the blame game:

Former property tycoon Terry Serepisos believes bankruptcy proceedings against him were issued because one man was “out to get me”.

Serepisos – debt-laden property developer, former host of reality television programme The Apprentice and, until last Friday, proud owner of the Phoenix football club – lost his final bid to beat bankruptcy on Monday.

Paranoia showing much?

However, files able to be viewed revealed Eleftarious “Terry” Serepisos blamed Graeme Reid of Canterbury Mortgage Trust for his predicament.

“I genuinely believe that the basis of the bankruptcy proceedings issued against me is because Graeme Reid of Canterbury Mortgage Trust is ‘out to get me’ and he has boasted of that to people he has met,” Serepisos said in a March 8, 2011, affidavit.

“I was not surprised by what my lawyers were advised because I have had many conversations directly with Mr Reid and that is exactly the clear view that I had from my discussions.”

How dare Mr Reid have the temerity to want his loans paid.