Have Labour just pissed off Radio Live?

When you are struggling for cut through the last thing you want to do is cut off any conduit to the public. Except of course if you are Labour.

In an attempt to gain lots of vote winning coverage?Labour have decided to complain. More genius from their campaign manager Trevor Mallard.

Stupid is as Stupid does.

Labour has lodged a complaint over Prime Minister?John Key’s hosting of a Radio Live programme last week.

Labour Party general secretary Chris Flatt today lodged complaints with the Broadcasting Standards Authority and the Electoral Commission following Mr Key’s hour-long segment on the station last Friday.

“I believe that John Key hosting a programme on Radio Live so close to the election breached both the Broadcasting Act and the Electoral Act,” Mr Flatt said.

In relation to the Broadcasting Act, the complaint argues that Mr Key’s hour breached the prohibition on paid election programmes and breached the Election Programmes Code of Broadcasting Practice.

In relation to the Electoral Act, the complaint argued it breached the prohibition on paid election programmes, and was an unauthorised election advertisement.