No downside to public sector cuts

A Fairfax Media-Research poll tells us so.

Thousands of jobs have been slashed from the state sector during the past three years, yet more voters believe the standard of public services are better under the National-led Government, a new poll shows.

The Government says that it is evidence cutbacks have not impacted on core services, but the Public Service Association believes only the goodwill of civil servants working extra hours has maintained standards and cracks will start to show.

The Fairfax Media-Research International poll of 1000 voters asked how they would rate overall standards in five key areas: public transport, policing, public hospitals, preschools, and primary and secondary schools.

Primary and secondary schools was the only sector where more voters believed standards were worse than three years ago. However, in all five categories most voters, from 35 per cent to 46.5 per cent, believed there was no difference in the quality of services.

Of course the batshit crazy wing of the Labour has something to say about this with Ruth Dyson giving us this:

“This doesn’t reflect what people in the community know are real and quite severe cuts to their services.”

So “people in the community” as distinct from a scientific sample of real New Zealand voters?