Quote of the Day – Russell Brown

This quote is the best in one of Russell Brown’s best posts, like in forever.

Fenton never complained when Leitch was Clark?s handbag. Leitch, a businessman who built a large retail chain, should also not be mistaken for a class warrior. And mostly, at a time when Phil Goff continues to struggle not to suck all the charisma out of any room he?s in, a Facebook blurt that puts the party on the wrong side of Warriors Fan No. 1 was spectacularly unhelpful to Labour. Idiotic comments at The Standard, only more so.

Such sentiments are widely ? if somewhat lazily ? accepted in the political blogosphere as proof of Labour?s ?arrogance?. But Labour doesn?t have a lot to be arrogant about at the moment. What you?re hearing there is grief, anger and frustration.