Storm in a tea cup?

So Bill English says:

Finance Minister Bill English says controversy over Serious Fraud Office boss Adam Feeley celebrating criminal charges against Rod Petricevic with Bridgecorp champagne is a “storm in a tea cup“.

English said the SFO had been under a lot of pressure to pursue people following the collapse of finance companies, and he did not have a problem with it.

“I think it’s a bit of a storm in a teacup quite frankly. These agencies have? been under a lot of pressure in recent years because there was a general feeling in the community that the enforcement agencies hadn’t done their job and that’s one of the reasons people lost up to $8 billion in finance companies,” English told NewstalkZB.

This from the man who diddled his?accommodation?expenses. Pffft. A bit rich from the guy who was supposed to go to New York to stop a credit rating down-grade and came back with bad news to be talking about storm’s in tea-cups.

It isn’t a storm in a tea cup when the boss of the agency?responsible?for dealing with serious fraud is a light fingered pickpocket of other peoples assets. It is serious.

Five Fingers Feeley and “Karori” Bill English might not think it is serious but I am pleased to see the minister?responsible?Judith Collins thinks it is.