Swimming with Elephants

Hugely fat people are being told to wear togs or don’t go swimming in Rotorua’s Aquatic Centre:

On Tuesday morning, Mrs Gettins and her friend Mr Findlay went to the pool for a session of aqua jogging wearing what they had worn at the pools for the last four months – Mrs Gettins in leggings and a T-shirt and Mr Findlay in a pair of cut-off tracksuit pants.

Mrs Gettins said she tried to explain their situation to staff but “… they were not interested, it seemed they didn’t want to know”.

“That’s when I lost it a bit … surely they could make an exception, we are working very hard to make our lives better and lose weight, this is so frustrating and annoying,” she said.

Mr Findlay said staff at the pools were only doing their jobs and enforcing a new rule that stopped people from wearing “streetwear” while swimming.

Rules is rules I guess but this was the bit that astounded me:

Mrs Gettins and Mr Findlay were on a holistic programme designed by the Rotorua Area Primary Health Service aimed at changing their lives through diet, exercise and motivation.

After beginning the programme Mrs Gettins said she had lost 90kg and had dropped down to size 52. Mr Findlay had also lost weight, now fitting into a 6XL.

Both are beneficiaries and cannot afford to buy custom-made swimwear that Mrs Gettins had priced at $300.

She has lost 90kg! And still can’t fit clothes because she is size 52!