Understanding the MMP Review

The people wanting to keep MMP, the Greens, Labour and their fellow travellers from the Unions, talk up the review of MMP that is supposed to fix all that is ill with the system.

They are displaying a low cunning that has deserted Phil Goff ?by saying that there will be a review, then mentioning that New Zealanders do not think it is fair that one MP brings others into parliament like Rodney Hide did, when Winston Peters got more votes but didn?t get into parliament.

Party Party
ACT New Zealand 85,496 3.65 1 4 5
New Zealand First Party 95,356 4.07 0 0 0

This low cunning is the Greens and Labour trying to gerrymander future election results further by removing MPs from National?s potential support partners who struggle to get to the 5% threshold. They will come out with a plan to say you only get list MPs if you get to 5%, meaning ACT wouldn?t have had any MPs other than the MP for Epsom in 2005 and 2008.

This change is just another way that the Greens and Labour are colluding to screw National by protecting an electoral system that makes National the Natural Party of Opposition. The good thing is Simon Power is no longer running this policy so National doesn?t have to get screwed as royally as it did when he tried to come to a consensus on everything.